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Date from: 15th July 2014 to: 1st August 2014


TNT Tag-Along Tours is a four-wheel driving adventure tour from Cairns to Cape York Peninsula finishing at Moreton Telegraph Station, Cape York.

The July 2014 tour will cover tracks such as The Creb track, The Starke, The Frenchman’s and The Old Telegraph Track up and back, weather and track accessibility permitting. We’ll drive river crossings such as the Daintree, Pascoe and Wenlock Rivers.

We avoid the general Development Road wherever possible, as the corrugations are harder on the cars than the toughest tracks. This also helps us avoid the idiots speeding to travel the Cape in a week, who completely disregard others on the road.

The greatest campsites in spectacular places will be yours to enjoy, thanks to your Tour Companions’ extensive local knowledge. You’ll also have the chance to fish in amazing places, walk breathtakingly beautiful beaches, and explore the best the Cape has to offer. It isn’t necessary to do three-four trips to see all this, just 4WD with us on our well-designed Tag-Along Tour.

Be assured that you don’t have to be a four-wheel driving expert to do our tours. We regularly have drivers very concerned about the tracks, their vehicles, and who’ve never been off the bitumen before touring with us. All our past tour participants have successfully driven the toughest tracks and returned home with no vehicle damage, a lifetime of adventure stories, and a few fishing tall tales too.

The main aim for our 4WD Tag-Along Tours is that you have the best 4WD experience travelling the toughest, most exciting tracks Cape York Peninsula has to offer.

What we supply

  • Very experienced, adventurous Tour Companions to guide and assist you through all tracks and crossings
  • Comprehensive recovery gear and tools for basic bush repairs
  • A water filtering system to pump drinking water from creeks
  • All camping fees and Jardine River Ferry crossing fee
  • Some (about 4) evening meals supplied. If the fishing’s great, we’ll have a few more opportunities for group meals.

You require for this trip
  • Most importantly- a sense of adventure. Our 4WD Tag-Along Tours suit people looking to have a great time whilst travelling some of the best parts of Australia
  • RACQ membership in case you require their services
  • Vehicle modifications- snorkel for water crossings, decent tyres (preferably all terrain or mud terrain)
  • Adequate recovery points on your vehicle, front and rear
  • A snatch strap with 2 x Shackles
More details here


You must be self-sufficient- have a camping fridge, all camping equipment that you will require (tent, swag etc.), food and beverages, cooking equipment. You need to carry drinking water (preferably 10-20L per person). Most of the creeks we camp at have drinkable water to replenish tanks and bathe in 5L of spare engine oil and 2lt of suitable automatic/ power steering fluid, spare fuel, oil and air filters.

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Cairns to Cape York

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4WD Tag-Along Tour

Date from: 15th July 2014 to: 1st August 2014 Tour Cairns to Cape finishing ar Morton Telegraph Station, Cape York.

Tour Pricing

$3,295 - 4WD with two people

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Meet TNT

Our 4WD Tag-Along Tours are individualised to suit each tour group, and the weather and track conditions in the Cape at the time of each tour. Many things change in the Cape from year to year. TNT Tours is responsive to those changes to ensure every group gets the most out of their tour and has a blast!

TNT Tours is an Australian business

TNT Tours is an Australian business, owner operated by Aussies with lifelong experience in four-wheel driving (4WD) and a love of Australia’s unique wonders. Their extensive knowledge of Australia’s 4WD-accessible tour areas and tracks means they consider their role as more ‘Tour Companion’ than ‘Guide’, sharing both popular and well-hidden wonders with fellow four-wheel driving enthusiasts.

The team at TNT Tours believes that everyone with a 4WD, from the least experienced driver to the most experienced, has the perfect vehicle and adventurous spirit to enjoy Australia in a unique way. They support all participants with local knowledge and expert, patient procedural information throughout the tour that suits all driving abilities, 4WD cars and participants’ goals to have an unforgettably great time.

Tour Information

Please note- More detailed, specific tour information is available to 4WD Tag-Along participants once their individualised tour has been booked.

Cairns to Cape 4WD Tag-Along Tour Itinerary (general guide only)


Days 1 - 3

Day 1 – We start the Tour from Cairns, heading to the Daintree Rainforest. The four wheel adventure action begins when we travel through The Creb Track. This is where it all really starts, and you get your first exploration of the amazing Daintree landscape. The 4WDing can be very challenging, but you’ll enjoy the challenge, and be reassured that our role is to see everyone safely to the Top of Australia.

The Creb Track, IF the track is good and relatively dry, will take us a minimum of 4-5 hours. If it has rained, which it usually does in the Daintree, this can make The Creb Track impassable and we find an alternative route. We will make that call when we get there.

We stop at the Lions Den Hotel for our first night.

Day 2 – Leave the Lions Den and head north to Cooktown for fuel, last minute food supplies, and a look at the historical town. From there, we head along Battle Camp Road to Old Laura, look at the Old Laura Homestead and finally call it a day at Kalpower Crossing.

  • * An option here (planned with participants before Tour begins)

If the Starke Track is open, we can do the Starke Track and travel right up and around to Bathurst Bay, back through to Kalpower Crossing. This will take three days, and may require additional fuel for some vehicles. It will also take two night stays away from other locations.

Day 3 – Head for Musgrave Station where we join up to the main Development Road. From here, we travel along to Coen and finish the day at Archer River.

Days 4 - 6

Day 4 – From Archer River, we head north about 50km before leaving the Development Road again, head into Lockhart River, camping for the night at Chilli Beach. For those who’d like some fresh local fish and chips or a coffee at this time, we’ll share a well-kept secret spot near Chilli Beach with you.

Day 5 – Enjoy some time out of the car here, if weather permits and we’re running on time, and do vehicle checks for what lies ahead.

Day 6 – Travel the mighty Frenchman’s Track, crossing both the Pascoe and Wenlock Rivers. This track can take a whole day depending on conditions. Morton Telegraph Station is our destination today, and the whole day will be seriously good fun, full of adventure.

For those a little inexperienced, don’t fret. We travel together, no-one gets left behind. You will be amazed and excited at what you will become capable of in your 4WD today, but be aware, you may become hooked on 4WDing for life.

Days 7 - 8

Day 7 – Head north again along the Development Road for just 40km, before we stop at Bramwell Junction. This is the start of the infamous Old Telegraph Track (commonly known as the Old Tele Track or OTT).

The first creek crossing here is a doozy. It is becoming more feared than the Gunshot Creek crossing (which is saying something!). With careful planning, it is quite easy…heading northward anyway. We will stop at Dulhunty Creek for the night, as this creek offers good campsites and great swimming.

Day 8 – Head to the mighty Gunshot Creek. This is a favourite TNT Tour day for 4WD adventuring, as most people take one look at it and bail out, but we love the challenge this spot gives our vehicles.

In non-tour travel times, we’ve seen many people, who think they know everything (you know the type), be convinced that what looks like the easy way down, is the best way down. They don’t listen to anyone and most end up with panel damage. Fools.

On our tours, even our many first-time 4WDers have never had any panel damage when we take them down the Gunshot Creek. To us, picking the right track to suit each vehicle is crucial, and we help you do that. We are focussed on giving you the best 4WD experience of your life without taking unsafe risks. Once you have conquered the Gunshot, we guarantee you’ll be saying “It wasn’t THAT difficult”, but the experience will be a Life Trophy for your 4WDing soul.

We camp at Gunshot Creek for the night.

Days 9 - 11

Day 9 & 10 – From Gunshot we continue on the Old Tele Track to Elliot Falls. This is my personal favorite in the Cape country, and the favourite of many, many tour participants. Here we stay, dust off, relax and enjoy the swimming and bush for two nights.

Day 11 – We continue through the Old Tele Track crossing Nolan’s Brook, before heading back out to the main road to catch the Jardine River Ferry.

We reach the top of Cape Yorke Peninsula, the Top of Australia.

We set up camp near Seisia.

Days 12 - 15

Day 12 & 13 – We stay at the Top and do the ‘Croc, Tent and Tip’ drive along with the Three Beaches Run. This gives you the incredible opportunity to enjoy being at the northern-most tip of Australia, to drive and walk the foreshore of the three most northern beaches in Australia, and to pick up some souvenirs if you like. Here we also enjoy a meal and watch the sunset from your seat at the Open Air Restaurant.

  • * An option here (booked in advance before Tour begins).
  • You can do a day tour to Thursday Island or Fishing Charter.

Day 14 – Grab supplies, leave The Top and head south again on the ferry, before making our way to Vrilya Point Beach. We camp for the night here, as this is yet another of Australia’s nicest beaches. There is great fishing too, if want to fish.

Day 15 – Go back into the Old Tele Track to head south along it. Once you have travelled the Development Road you will understand why the tracks, such as the Old Tele Track, are so much better to travel on. We make camp at Nolan’s Brook Creek for the night, making sure our vehicles are safe. Without the right planning and care, this is where many vehicles go for a swim.

Days 16 - 18

Day 16 – Travel back to Elliot Falls for another swim and relax. Once you have been there once, you will want to go back.

Day 17- Continue south along the Old Tele Track, camping at one of the creeks along the way.

Day 18– We tackle Palm Creek, heading south, and all your newly gained 4WD skills will be put to the test. What a way to finish an amazing 4WD adventure!

We head back to Morton Telegraph Station for a relaxing bath and great meal at the Bush Restaurant to finish the tour, and celebrate your success.

From here, some of you may wish to go to Weipa for a tourist’s look and exploration of the area. Others may wish to make the trek home heading south along the Development Road to Archer River Roadhouse, Coen, Musgrave Roadhouse, Hann River Roadhouse, Laura, Lakeland, Mount Molloy, Mareeba then Cairns. If so, allow three days to get back to Cairns.


18 days of four wheel driving, discovery, camping and fun. Get on the band wagon, camping and fun. Come along and have a blast!

Frequently Asked Questions


Benefits and reasons for travelling with TNT Tours:

We believe we are more like a Travelling Companion then a Tour Guide, so we make our trip YOUR trip of a lifetime. When participants go home from our tours, we want them to talk about their adventures we helped come true, not merely offer people a simple sightseeing tour.

We provide comprehensive 4WDing knowledge and experience to get you confidently through the toughest tracks in reliable vehicles. In doing so, you see some amazing creeks, lagoons and beaches that most people travelling the Cape never get to see, and that you’ll remember for a 4WDer’s adventurous lifetime.

Q. I don’t have much four-wheel driving experience, can I still do your tour?

A. Yes. We get everyone through the toughest tracks to see the best of Cape York Peninsula, one of the best places in Australia. We love introducing new 4WD enthusiasts to 4WDing adventures, and you’re going to love your increased 4WDing ability and confidence after you have been on our tour.

Q. What modification do I need to my car to do a TNT Tour?

A. Compulsory modifications for our tours are a Snorkel, good All Terrain or Mud Tyres, and adequate recovery vehicle points. Don’t spend thousands heavily modifying your car to try and complete a Cape tour on your own. Tour with us.

Q. What vehicle recovery gear do I need?

A. The only recovery gear you need to have is an 11 000kg snatch strap with 2 x 3.25t bow shackles. We carry a comprehensive Recovery Kit that is more than adequate for what you’ll need. Don’t get caught up in the sales hype and purchase recovery gear that will never get used.

Q. What does the tour fee cover?

A. TNT Tours provide very experienced Tour Companions (guides) to assist you in getting to the Top of Australia, successfully travelling the toughest tracks in the Cape. We carry a comprehensive recovery kit to assist with all vehicles requiring recovery, as well as tools for bush repairs. Also covered is all ferry crossing and National Parks camping fees along with 2 x evening meals in Bush Restaurants and 2 x group camp oven meals along the way. Participants prefer mostly non-catered tours to accommodate their own tastes, and enjoyment of camp cooking.

Q. Do we get the opportunity to visit Thursday Island?

A. Yes, we spend 3 nights at the Top for participants to visit Thursday Island, enjoy a fishing charter or whatever you have in mind. These opportunities are booked before the tour begins, so plan ahead.

Q. Why does your tour end at Morton Telegraph Station?

A. We do this to allow participants the opportunity to go to Weipa, Normanton or wherever they want to go after the Cairns to Cape Tour. Some people just want to hit the bitumen and return to Cairns, and others want to take the opportunity to look around. We provide that freedom within the tour’s conclusion.

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